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In the final decades of the 19th Century this was called St James Street and represented the northernmost reach of the town. Buildings on the eastern side (eg 17 and 19) were often addressed as 'North Cliff'. The road was then less than half its present length and it ended in open fields.

Stradbroke Road from the top of the new lighthouse taken in October 1893, looking North up Stradbroke Road. Most of today's houses are yet to be built.(Southwold Museum P2794)
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A similar view taken in summer 2014 whilst abseiling down the lighthouse by Tom Bright .

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Looking from the Field Stile Road end towards the lighthouse in 1908 (Southwold Museum P866)
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Roughly the same view today

Date unknown but probably around turm of the century... looking up Stradbroke Road from the lighthouse end. Image courtesy of Jeannette Radley-Kane.

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The Lighthouse end of Stradbroke Road in 1925.
From a postcard in the Robert Palmer collection.
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The same view today

Stradbroke Road in the late 1930s. On the left can be seen Simmonds ironmongers shop at No 9 and Aldertons grocery on the corner of Chester Road.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Humphry

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East side of Stradbroke Road in 1945.
From a postcard in the Robert Palmer collection. The x's are contemporary additions by the sender.
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