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The income generated from the sale of the Town Farm Estate to the Coast Development Company enabled Southwold Corporation to build Council houses for workmen in St Edmunds Road. The row known as Corporation Cottages, was built in 1905 and originally numbered consecutively 1 to 15, which is how we have marked them on the map below. The house numbering of the whole street was revised - probably in the 1950s and Corporation Cottages today comprise numbers 1 to 31.. A further row (Wake Cottages) was built in 1913. Southwold was among the first councils in the country to provide low-cost rented accommodation. Nos 10 to 14a on the west side were built after the Second War on the site of a former motor garage.


St Edmund's Road, looking South towards St Edmund's Church with Corporation Cottages on the left.

Plaque commemorating the opening of Corporation Cottages.

Plaque mounted on Wake Cottages