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MARLBOROUGH ROAD - (Corporation Road)

Marlboorough Road was originally called Corporation Road but had its name changed in 1938, the new name being inspired by that of its largest and most imposing building - the Marlborough Hotel. The road was supposedly built as a direct route to and from the clay-pits and brick works at its northenmost end. The houses on the west side (see picture) were almost all run as lodging houses in the early part of the 20th century. The road suffered considerable bomb damage during the war.

Map of Marlborough Road


Marlborogh Road today

Marlborough Road (Southern end) before the second war
The southern end of Marlborough Road as it is now and before the second war, with the Marlborough Hotel at the far end. Only a few of the three-storey houses remain at the far end. The rest are post-war replacements.
Old photo reproduced from Barrett Jenkins' book 'Reminiscences of Southwold during the two World Wars' by kind permission of Ann Thornton
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