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Church Street runs between Victoria Street and the Market Place, emerging just beside No 2 Market Place - the Co-op store. Until 1930 the store (Then called 'Denny and Jones') jutted out into Church Street to such an extent that, even without pavements, it was impossible for vehicles to pass. Originally the street was called 'Bier Street', so named because it was the route taken by the Mill Lane undertaker when pushing his loaded bier to St Edmund's Church.

In 1930 Denny & Jones burned down and, when it was rebuilt, it was given a shorter frontage so that the Market Place end of Church Street could be widened.


Church Street today, looking towards Victoria Street.
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Also looking towards Victoria Street. Date not known. (Southwold Museum P880)
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Part of Church Street in 1930, looking towards the High Street with the Brickmaker's Arms in the foreground on the left. The photo was taken just before the Denny & Jones store- seen jutting out into the road - burned down. It was rebuilt shorter. Click the photo for an enlargement . (Southwold Museum P1486)

Church Street in 1938

Decorating Church Street for the 1937 Coronation of George V1. Looking towards Victoria Street
Postcard image Courtesy of Heather Osmer.
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