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The Craighurst Private Hotel



Philip Hope - Headmaster of a private school preparing students for the Imperial Civil Service entrance examination. Philip Hope has previously taught at Dulwich College. (Dates of school foundation and closure required)

Note: Eric Blair, aka George Orwell, is said to have attended this establishment for a few months in 1922 preparatory to his joining the Imperial Indian Police in Burma in October that year. The Blair family were currently living round the corner at No 40 Stradbroke Road, later moving to No 3 Queen Street and finally to Montague House (No 36 High Street).


Mrs D Dudley - Proprietress, Craighurst Hotel.

At just after 9.30pm on Sunday May 11th 1941 two Messerschmitt 109s flew low and fast over the town firing machine gun rounds and cannon shells. The air-raid warning came too late and many of the buildings on North Parade were strafed, with the Craighurst suffering considerable damage. A male staff member received a bullet in his thigh and was hospitalised. (Source: Tom King's War Diaries.)


Mrs D Dudley - Proprietress, Craighurst Hotel (CSP1953)

Mrs Dorothy Laight and Sons. Mrs Laight is the daughter of Mrs Dudley. She is assisted by her two sons, Brian and Alan.

Dorothy Laight - Son Brian dies in a road accident at Blythburgh in c1967. (Source: Judith Simmons who worked as a part-time pastry cook there in the late 1960s)


M J Emerson

Details needed

Mr & Mrs Emerson - Craighurst Restaurant



Restaurant closes and the building is redeveloped into apartments.


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Note on dates
Unless otherwise stated, dates given do not indicate the years in which the business started or finished but those for which there is firm evidence that it was trading at this address. Sources in brackets; key at bottom of page.

Coronation celebrations, May 1937 - before the addition of the first-floor verandah.
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Exterior 1950s

Lounge 1950s

Mrs Dorothy Laight photographed outside the Craighurst in the late 1960s looking north-west up Marlborough Road. Dunwich Road is on the left
Photo courtesy of Judith Simmons.

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