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No 31 High Street - Anchor Villa

George Elmy - Trinity Pilot and Master Mariner, now retired. Married to Priscilla. Previously lived in Victoria Street. (C1871)

William Howard Elmy - Burgess. William is a gentleman of private means. (C1891) He is Mayor of Southwold 1894-1895. (Source: Martyn Elmy)

William & Lily Elizabeth Blythe, who married two years ago, purchase this substantial residential property from the executors of William Howard Elmy. It has five bedrooms, stables and a large garden. William, who previously lived in Coventry, has already inherited, all the remaining property on this island site between here and the King's Head Inn. He suffers from TB and it is hoped that the sea air in Southwold will benefit him. (More about the Blythes here.)

William Blythe dies.
James William Marshall Blythe - Lorry cartage and car-hire contractor. (SR 1927). James is the son of William & Lily, the latter now being the freeholder.

James William Marshall Blythe - At some time this decade J W M Blythe moves his business to Station Road

Daisy Kiddell - Hairdresser. (SPM1940) rents part of the premises. Daisy is assisted by her neice, Sylvia.

Harold Jellicoe and his associate 'Ginger' Edwards also rent rooms here where they run an estate agency / insurance broker business. They have recently moved from a small office next door at No 29 High Street.

Both tenants rent the premises from the freeholder, Lily Elizabeth Crick who, with her husband, has now moved into the flat above their cinema in York Road.

In approximately 1945, Daisy Kiddel moves her business closer to the town centre, to No 72 High Street. (

James Ward - Furniture and Furnishings. The owner, Lily Elizabeth Crick has died in 1942 and Anchor Villa is now sold by her executors for £640 to James Ward. He and his wife live in a flat over their shop. They also run a similar business in Beccles.

Note: Much of the above information was kindly provided by Jim Blythe, son of James William Marshall Blythe.


James Ward - Furniture and Furnishings, curtains, carpets, prams and gifts.

James Ward - Furniture and Furnishings.
This year the shop is purchased by G B Chadd Ltd of Lowestoft. James Ward retires and Mary Stone is appointed manageress. The store retains its original branding, however, as 'Wards of Southwold (Chadds)'.

The store is considerably expanded with a single-storey extension covering the entire garden area to the rear.



Wards of Southwold (Chadds) - furniture and furnishings

Wards of Southwold (Chadds) - furniture and furnishings

David Wells - Manager, Wards of Southwold (Chadds) - furniture and furnishings (SST1997)


'Fat Face' - Branch of National clothing chain.

Note:G B Chadd (Holdings) Limited continue to own the building and the surrounding site. In 2019 the company redeveloped the site to include five first-floor flats and two retail properties. (Source: Amelia Chadd of G B Chadd (Holdings) Ltd.. 


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Note on dates
Unless otherwise stated, dates given do not indicate the years in which the business started or finished but those for which there is firm evidence that it was trading at this address. Sources in brackets; key at bottom of page.

The anchor device dates from the time when this was a residential property called 'Anchor Villa"

William Howard Elmy, Town Mayor 1894-5.
Oil painting in the collection of Southwold Museum.

Notice of the 1899 auction at which William Blythe successfully bid for Anchor Villa. The auctioneer was Eaton Moore.

Image courtesy of Jim Blythe
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Particulars of sale of Anchor Villa when it was put on the market in 194?, It was sold to James Ward for £640

Image courtesy of Jim Blythe
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1997 advertisement in Southwold Summer Theatre programme